In agriculture, the same general economic laws, as in other sectors of the economy. However, they manifest themselves to the circumstances of the industry.
A distinctive feature of agriculture is that as the main means of production here is land. Compared with other means of production land will not wear out, and when used properly, improves its quality parameters.
In agriculture as a means of production are the living organisms, what are the animals and plants. Recent develop on the basis of biological laws. Consequently, the economic reproduction process is closely intertwined with the natural process of development of living organisms.
Agricultural production is carried out on a huge area and scattered in different climatic zones. The final results sometimes depends not on the quantity and quality of resources used and the specific conditions under which production takes place.
Geographic distribution of agricultural production due to the large volume of traffic as the production (grain, potatoes, sugar beet, milk, meat, etc.) as well as equipment and material resources (fuels, lubricants, mineral fertilizers).
One important feature of agriculture is that the products created here taking part in the further process of production. In agriculture as a means of production used the seeds and planting material (grain, potatoes, etc.), animal feed, as well as much of the population in the rehabilitation and expansion of herds of animals. All of this requires additional material resources for the construction of facilities and production facilities (stockyards, storage for feed, storage of seed and planting material, etc.).
An important feature of agriculture lies in the fact that here nude coincides with the period of the working period of production. In agriculture, the period of production consists of the time when the process occurs under the influence of human labor (plowing, processing, sowing and planting, caring for plants, harvesting, etc.) and when it is directly under the influence of natural factors (vegetation of cultivated plants, yield formation, etc.).
The discrepancy between the period of production and the working period is conditioned by seasonal agricultural production. The latter has a significant impact on the organization of production, effective use of technology, human resources, and ultimately on the efficiency of the industry as a whole.
The division of labor, and hence the specialization of production in agriculture is manifested differently than in industry and other sectors of the economy. As for land, labor and material resources are necessary to achieve an optimal combination of crop fields to livestock industries and the development of ancillary industries and trades. In improving the social division of labor must take into account the specific conditions in specific regions.
Undoubtedly, one of the main features of agriculture is the level and conditions of use of technology. Due to the fact that in agriculture tend to move the instruments of production (machinery, combine harvesters, agricultural machinery), and objects of labor (plants) are on the same site, the nature of the technical equipment of agriculture differs substantially from the industrial sectors. The total demand for energy resources is significantly higher compared to the industries. At the same geographical dispersion of agriculture and the seasonal nature of production requires a significant increase in the needs of businesses in technology and basic means of production.
In agriculture, on the other is based organization of labor processes in the fields of crop and livestock production.Here the artist has no permanent job, such as in industry. In the process of agricultural production, depending on season and specific crops and cropping working machine operators perform different kinds of work. Mechanic should be able to work on almost all machines and units, and field crop workers should be able to perform work on the preparation of seeds and planting material, care of plants, forage, harvest. In this kind of work can change not only daily, but depending on the conditions and within one working day.
Reported particularly agriculture, compared with industries require a comprehensive analysis and accounting for the formation of logistics industry, organization and management, determining the economic efficiency of production resources.